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Date:- 20-11-2019

(12:00 AM 12:00 AM)

590 x 43 x 238
(02:45 PM 04:45 PM)

(01:55 PM 02:55 PM)

344 x 13 x 689
(12:35 PM 02:05 PM)

279 x 84 x 680
(03:10 PM 05:10 PM)

346 x 38 x 170
(03:00 PM 05:00 PM)

188 x 72 x 147
(03:10 PM 05:10 PM)

236 x 15 x 357
(03:45 PM 05:45 PM)

145 x 0
(09:35 PM 12:05 AM)

689 x 34 x 770
(08:30 PM 09:50 PM)

457 x 69 x 568
(08:45 PM 10:25 PM)

560 x 15 x 780
(09:20 PM 12:20 AM)

299 x 06 x 259
(09:05 PM 11:05 PM)

579 x 13 x 157
(09:10 PM 11:55 PM)

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OPEN :- wait
PANA:- wait
JODI:- super game wait

OPEN :- wait
PANA:- wait
JODI:- super game wait

OPEN :- ****
PANA:- ***
JODI:- **

OPEN :- ****
PANA:- ***
JODI:- **

OPEN :- ****
PANA:- ***
JODI:- **

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Basics Facts of Satta Matka

Let's look back to its concise yet stunning history of Indian Satta Matka.
In the year of 1961, the New York Cotton Exchange closed the practice, which began the punters to look for different kinds ways to save the Satta Matka guessing business active.
A person named Rattan Khatri has introduced the new idea of announcing the opening and closing rates of legendary goods.
All lucky numbers were printed on parts of the paper and put into a MATKA ( Pot ), a large stone container. One individual would then pick a chit of paper from the MATKA pot and announce the SATTA MATKA winner.
Over the years, the practice developed, so that three figures were drawn from a crowd of playing cards, and this is how the name "MATKA" was kept.
Now its all methods are available on the internet as form of Indian satta matka. One can get all the basic ides from here with its all important terms as...
1. What is BOSS MATKA?
2. How much satta market is reliable to make its source of income?
3. What Final ANK describes?
4. What is Matka Guessing Forms?
5. How are Satta and Matka Results declared?
Let us go through it one by one.
A major betting of gambling course in the game of satta matka guessing needs that you like the right product for obtaining financial amount of the game and improve your chance of satta king in the betting.
It will also be deeply satisfying as the victor takes all of this play and that could be large economic gain for you.

1. What is boss matka?

`Boss Matka‘ is Indians top most gambling games of all. This is completely reliant only on luck. In short situations, thoughts or consideration get to the action. Knowledge described to matka will be presented to the users or consumers.
Boss Matka is a number of a gamble which you have to gamble with figures and gain financial income.
Whatever gambling game you are included are based on 3 simple guideline which is obeyed to win high financial amount. These are three golden tips which can be followed for the Satta matka.
These tips are very beneficial for those who are usual bettors known as the punter tips or rather Boss Matka gambling programs.

Following are those 3 boss matka methods.
1) You should regularly choose a one-way leading strategy in the boss matka game.
2) The chart which you started should be with the small betting amounts. You will begin to win constantly but slowly and if you begin winning you must need to improve the division of your money in a very deliberate manner.
3) If the value is on an accelerating drift then you can set in further money externally but you have to sure of your winning chance. People play Boss matka based on the knowledge which they have and what they have.
Everyone manages to play this game to win something or how much they can. So they attempt to grasp more knowledge before they are attempting to start. There are various factors commence taking a recipient view of the game.

2. How much satta market is reliable to make its source of income?

The World of satta Matka Market now becomes an online stage where you never have any risk of loss. Here you will get all the chance to win the game and shine your luck such as Matka tips, Satta Matka Result, Dpboss matka online sattamatka Results, Sattamatka Game, Kalyan Matka Results, Matka Game, Mumbai Matka Results, Kalyan Matka Chart, satta matka 143, Free sattamatka Guessing, Matka Number, Fastest Matka Results, Satta Bazar Result. Ever in the system of Indian satta matka guessing batting we always provide Kalyan matka number & satta matka lucky number flashing satta matka results.

3. What Final ank describes?
It's a Satta Matka Final Ank Tricks. Matka Final Theory 100% is controlling and you can have Open to Clouse ank every day from every exchange. This trick combines that every day which pairs are formed it is same as the pair which is formed before 5 weeks and it has been proved correct about 90%. You can even check it by yourself.
As you all guys know that Final Ank is of Two types. The first one is like Cut Ank and another one is Open to Close. You will get to know more about Final ank and its value in our from our other Blogs.

4. Is there any way to predict matka guessing numbers?

Yes, there are many different ways available on the internet to predict this numbers but many of them are useless or fack methods.
We are providing you the correct and accurate tricks to guess the matka numbers because our website is packed with experienced players with tricky minds so that it can help any new users to involve easily and can earn how much he wants.
Well, Satta Matka 143 Guessing is not as simple as it appears to be, but if you are applying our Sattamatka tips you can be a master blaster guesser in Indian Satta Matka numbers in no time. We are always ready to help freshers with the acknowledged leaders of the Matka Satta world, who contribute most useful tips and tricks of Matka Guessing which were implied by Kalyanji Bhagat and Satta king Ratan Khatri themselves.

The steps are as follows:-
1: Guess any 3 digits from 0 to 9. As an example let us considered ex:- 2, 4, 6.
2: Add the those 3 digits so the sum will be 2 + 4 + 6 = 12.
3: Now, the real game starts with a digit of the addition i.e. 2
4: Now, take your initial chance using draw 2 4 6 * 2
Hope you understand it well and can be useful for your future gambling.
Moving further on last but not the least that is the most important question which is,

5. How are Satta and Matka Results declared?

Indian Satta Matka winner decision is announced at a distinct time on every appropriate which depends on the gambling market.
Satta Bazaar opens accurately at 9 am and gets close on with beginning diverse market results concurrently i.e. one by one till night. It's timing are arranged for the several results to be declared.
For Ghadiya matka there is another time and for Huff the timings are another. In the old day's decisions were declared at the same place where participates used to bets but now this system has developed and it has shifted more forward and now the results are declared online as it is a technical world of gambling.
You must be curious to know that how satta matka results are calculated? How we come to know about our matka results while betting online? Here's the answer to all your questions,
There is nothing you need to play this game, but one thing that you should have with you is your luck.
One has to choose that what he wants to bet i.e Ghadiya or Huff or either he can bet on both at the similarly time. One has to pick 3 numbers between 1 to 9 (in Huff) or 10 to 100 (in Ghadiya).
After that, the digits which are calculated and the second digit of the whole sum is used, then it is multiplied by the figure which is selected.
There are two combinations in this to whole the method. In Ghadiya the champion will get the staked finance after multiplying it with 90, which determines if he bets for Rs.20 then he will get 1800 as an example 20 x 90 = 1800 while in Huff, the staked finance is multiplied with only 10, so that if he bets for Rs.10 he will get Rs.100 as an example 10 x 10 = 100.
Now, I can conclude that you are ready to step up your feet in the gambling world of Indian Satta Matka to brighten your luck and future.

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