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98 38 12997620
65 02 01509619
15 77 70335614
26 54 28334102
47 01 89201233
58 51 89210011
36 63 90208913
56 00 89895346
35 88 689027**
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Indian Matka Result

Shiv Matka is one of the formats of the game Satta Matka and Shiv Chart is the chart that contains already declared Shiv Matka game numbers. Kalyan Matka was introduced by Kalyanji Bhagat in the year 1962. Kalyanji Bhagat was born in Ratadia, Gujarat in a farmer family.
Gala is his family name and Bhagat was just a modification to Bhakt which was given as a title to their family by the king of Kutch for their religiousness. Kalyanji became popular after entering the game Satta Matka as he gained a lot of money by the game Kalyan Matka.
Though the formats of the game were different, Satta Matka results were based on selecting the right number that wins the game. Many people don’t know what is the use of releasing the Kalyan chart of previously declared numbers? Here is the reason. Kalyan Chart is really helpful to predict the right number for the next game one has to play. Many times, the numbers of Kalyan Matka follows a particular pattern and gets repeated. So, it is better to observe the chart and record every day.
Science can do anything and it also has a reason for everything and the same goes with Kalyan Matka. The game can be predicted easily using Kalyan chart and the probability of winning will be increased because the whole Satta Matka game is scientific. So, the probability of winning the game Kalyan Matka would be increased that in turn makes the game easy for you if you make better use of the Kalyan Charts.
Satta Matka